Videni3D is born out of the game development industry so real-time processing, 3D visualisation, scalability and artificial intelligence are part of our DNA.

Our background has given us a deep understanding of executing data intensive and complex tasks on resource constrained devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

Our upbringing has also taught us to create modular, reusable or multi-use solutions. The Videni3D software platform can work with a variety of 3D sensor inputs and be used in a broad range of applications. The Videni3D software that powers a LIDAR-based volumetric security system can also be used in a container tracking application using satellite imagery or a subsea exploration or survey system using cameras. Our “Virtual LIDAR” system has multiple uses; it tests physical LIDAR installations but can also run simulations to train our AI systems.

Powerful software in itself is not enough to deliver great end products. To safely dock aircraft at an airport gate requires specific hardware, specialised domain or sector expertise and a relationship with end customers. We believe that our commercial partners are best placed to create these end user applications, whether that be the design and manufacture of autonomous vehicles, self-docking aircraft or advanced aerospace systems, and we can partner by licensing to them the software toolkits needed to power their application specific solutions.

We welcome commercial partners that are – like us – on a journey to deliver the innovations of the future.

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